PDO Afuega'lPitu Cheese

Afuega'lPitu cheese is one of the oldest and most widespread cheeses in Asturias, as well as one of the best known and most deeply rooted among the Asturian people.

Legend has it that the name Afuega'lPitu , which means “choke the throat” in Asturian language, comes from its greatest peculiarity: the compact and firm texture that increases in its ripening. Its peculiar name, in addition to its four varieties with different shapes and colour (Atroncaublancu, Atroncauroxu, Trapublancu and Trapuroxu), make Afuega'lPitu a cheese with a fascinating presentation.

When tasting it, Afuega'lPitu cheese leaves no-one indifferent due to its unique texture and its flavour, full of lactic and acidic notes with hints of yeasts; which are combined with a pleasant hot and spicy sensation in the ‘roxu’ variation.

You are kindly invited to learn more about the secrets and unmistakable characteristics of Afuega'lPitu cheese.

Te invitamos a conocer con más profundidad los secretos y las inconfundibles características del queso Afuega'l Pitu.

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Protected Designation of Origin

From ancient times farms were structured in farmhouses which were self-supplied through crops and products derived from mutton and beef livestock. It was the surplus of the milk obtained that allowed the elaboration of these cheeses. Once the production for their own use was obtained, the excess cheeses were taken to be sold in the weekly markets where all the other cheeses of the area converged, and where the gradual advance of communications allowed a small commercial expansion.

From the 1980s, due to the requirements of the sanitary hygienic regulations, the first professional cheese factories dedicated to the production and commercialization of this type of cheese were founded.

The evolution of this cheese over time had a definitive impulse in 2003 with the award of the Protected Designation of Origin "Afuega'lPitu", through which its elaboration is promoted and protected in those geographical areas which have been traditionally producing it and where they have kept the most deeply rooted elaboration techniques.

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With milk from cattle farms in the protected area, curdled slowly over a period of 15-20 hours, formed in individual moulds, salted by hand, drained without a press, kneaded and moulded in a cloth (known in Asturias as "trapu") and ripened at different temperatures in order to develop the best flavours.

This is how Afuega'lPitu cheese is made: slowly and unhurriedly.

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Afuega'lPitu cheese has several producers in defined areas of Asturias.

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Discover the best recipes using Afuega'lPitu cheese.

In Asturias you will find wonderful cheeses, one of which is Afuega'lPitu, a cheese that leaves no-one indifferent due to its unique texture, which makes these recipes a total experience for all the senses.

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